About Catarina Gutierrez

Catarina Gutierrez is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer. She has worked in the book world since 2008 and reserves a special space in her heart (and wallet) for local neighborhood bookstores. She started her own personal library (with cards and stamps!) this year and hopes to leave books in every city she visits, thus spreading the power of print worldwide. Catarina is thrilled to serve as Books Editor for and looks forward to meeting a new audience of readers. When not reading or writing, Catarina hikes up hills, gardens, and designs jewelry. Catarina calls Atlanta her hometown and loves the Atlanta Braves. She has traveled to exotic locations like New Zealand and Australia where she completed her first novel in 2013. A coffee snob at heart, she can be found in any city’s hottest coffeehouse or roasting her own coffee at home. She hopes to venture to the coffee farms of Java and Costa Rica very soon. Catarina currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she bikes everywhere and is defending the title of Greatest Aunt in the World

B2B Marketing and Selling Your Business

In the guest chair: Kevin O'Malley, Nate Kristy, Dana Barrett, and John Monahon John Monahon, a Partner with Trusted Counsel, joined us on today's show to talk about what it takes to sell a business right now in Atlanta. He discussed how to prepare for a and structure a successful sale. He also talked about the current economic climate, and some common misconceptions about [...]

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Women on Wednesday: LOOKBOOK Live and Prissy Tomboy

In the guest chair: Tracey Pearson, Dana Barrett and Christa Allen Christa Allen, Associate Vice President, Consumer Branding & Events at Simon, joined us on today's show to discuss LOOKBOOK Live. LOOKBOOK Live offers an insider’s scoop on the hottest trends for each season via personal styling sessions, beauty how-tos, styling challenges and giveaways. Their upcoming event will take place Saturday, October 25 [...]

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Tech Tuesday: Microsoft and StyleSeat

In the guest chair: Susan Walsh, Dana Barrett, Melody McCloskey Susan Walsh, Sales Director for Business Productivity at Microsoft in Atlanta joined us in the studio to talk about the importance of the cloud and mobile applications for enterprise companies. She also shared her thoughts on tech companies in the press and where Microsoft fits into today's landscape. Melody McCloskey, [...]

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The Business of Broadway in Atlanta

In the guest chair: Russ Belin and Dana Barrett Russ Belin, Vice President of Broadway in Atlanta, joined us on today's show to talk about their upcoming season and how he sees art and culture in Atlanta. He highlighted several upcoming shows, including Phantom of the Opera (which opens next week), Newsies, and Motown and talked about [...]

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Developing and Protecting Your Company’s Online Reputation

In the guest chair: Rich Escoffery, Joe Ledlie, and Dana Barrett Joe Ledlie, President of The Ledlie Group, and Rich Escoffery, a partner at Ellarbee Thompson, joined me in the studio today to talk about developing and protecting your company’s online reputation. We defined the preventive and defensive approaches to business bullying. In the headlines: Nike is suing a [...]

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Women on Wednesdays: How Burgers and Dolls Make a Difference

In the guest chair:  Lauren O'Brien, Dana Barrett and Kelie Charles Kelie Charles, Founder of Double Dutch Dolls, joined Dana in the studio to talk about the gap in the market for multicultural dolls.  She shared the inspiration for her new line of  books and dolls, and talked about what it takes to execute a startup. Lauren O'Brien, Founder of [...]

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Tech Tuesday: SouthWiRED

In the guest chair: Kashi Sehgal, Executive Director of SouthWiRED (formerly Digital Atlanta - first year under the new name) joined us for today's show. We debriefed SouthWiRED happenings and last week's conference. We shared interviews from the conference with Brandon Beeken from Wayin, and speakers focused on the SouthWiRED student track Jennifer Osbon from Terry College of Business at UGA and Joe Koufman from [...]

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In the guest chair: Eric V. Holtzclaw, Chief Strategist for Laddering Works and Our Company Growth Expert. Today we discussed the upcoming book club book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. Eric told us what he truly thought about corporate social responsibility, core values, and the happiness framework in business. In the headlines: A new Airport City may be in the works [...]

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Man of the Hour: Haruki Murakami

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’ve heard of the author of the hour: Haruki Murakami. The heavily western-influenced Japanese author recently released Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage and is scheduled to release The Strange Library later this year. I was first introduced to him during a typical “What [...]

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Top Business Books for Women by Women

Let me start by saying that not all of these books are considered your typical “business books”. They may or may not be found in business sections of the bookstore. They also may or may not be found in the self-help section of the store. Either way, they are good reads and can be applied to your business or [...]

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