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Yes to Gun Control, No to Victim Blaming, and Please Go Vote! Plus Hungry Girl & Daffodils Downtown

Paula Branter Show Guests:  In hour one:  Paula Brantner, a Senior Advisor at Workplace Fairness joined us by phone to talk about an employee's right to vote. (er - depending on the state, you probably don’t have the right to take time off to vote.  So make sure you check your state laws and make sure it’s okay with your boss! [...]

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Dana’s Favorite Things: The Alex Guthrie Band & Caja Popcorn

Dana Barrett Kevin Peak Show Guests:  In hour one:  Kevin Peak, Chief Popper and owner of Caja Popcorn joined us to share the Caja back story, and to talk about the challenges of growing a B2C food/retail business. In hour two:  Dana Barrett Alex Guthrie In hour two we had the one and only Alex Guthrie, guitarist [...]

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Healthcare, Travel Ban, and Risk Management

Show Guests:  Quin Rodriguez Quin Rodriguez, the VP of Strategic Marketing with Riskonnect joined us in studio to talk Integrated Risk Management.  Risk for companies is everywhere;  from individuals having video cameras in their hands, to power outages, to healthcare laws and the global economy, Dana and Quin discussed it all. In the Local Headlines: Georgia Supreme [...]

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Dodd-Frank Discussed, Master Your Cash Flow, and Retail Sector Updates

T-G-I-F! We had a fun-filled Fri-YAY show this morning! Producer Joey joined us in studio, Dana gave the low-down on Dodd-Frank, plus Work Hard/Play Hard and of course, lots of sarcasm. In the Guest Chair: Our guest this morning was Albert Zdenek, Author and President & CEO of Traust Sollus Wealth Management LLC. Albert phoned in to discuss his [...]

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Light the Night, Rotary Convention, WeWork Creator Awards

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett, Kacey Danley & Rick Butgereit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Corporate Walk Chair, Rick Butgereit and Greater Atlanta Area Director, Kacey Danley joined us in studio during hour one of today's show! The duo explained why LLS exists, their goal to end Blood Cancer, and dished on the upcoming Light the [...]

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Update on Downtown Atlanta, Socially Responsible Investing and the Paris Accords

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett & Scott Sadler Central Atlanta Progress was in during hour one of today's Women on Wednesday Show! Jennifer Ball, Vice President of Planning and Economic Development for CAP. Jennifer gave us an update on all things Downtown including their upcoming event with the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, which will be held [...]

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Tech Tuesday: StudentBridge, Abel Solutions, and Tech Headlines

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett & Jonathan Clues Jonathan Clues, Founder & Vice Chairman of StudentBridge joined us in studio this morning in hour one! Jonathan explained that StudentBridge is dedicated to helping institutions engage more students and talked video content for college selection. During hour two, David Hammond, President of Abel Solutions joined the gang in [...]

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New Month, New Crazy Headlines, Indie Craft Experience, and Children’s Museum of Atlanta

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett & Karen Kelly Christy Petterson, Co-Founder, Indie Craft Experience joined Dana in studio during hour one of today's show! ICE is hosting a two-day shopping event celebrating summer like no other on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4, 2017. For the full list of hand-selected vendors, which includes independent artists, printmakers, jewelry [...]

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WoW: Stefanie Diaz, Dar’shun Kendrick, and Covfefe

In the Guest Chair: Dana Barrett & Stefanie Diaz Stefanie Diaz, Founder of Women Only Entrepreneurs (WOE) joined Dana in studio this morning during the first hour of the show! Stefanie dished on 'finding your tribe,' and the upcoming WOE event on June 27th! Dar'shun Kendrick, Owner of Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC was in studio [...]

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Tech Tuesday Headlines, AgencySparks, and The Law of Success

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett & Joe Koufman Joe Koufman, CEO of AgencySparks joined Dana in studio this morning to catch everyone up on what's new with his booming company! Joe talked speed dating for brands & agencies and #MarketersBreakfast. In hour two, Vice President & Executive Editor at Penguin Random House joined Dana over the [...]

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