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STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #2: Community One of the quickest ways to kick a bad or unwanted habit? Community. In fact, according to STICK WITH IT author, Dr. Sean Young, within 12 weeks, those who join and participate in a group are 2-3X more likely to change their behavior! In part two of our new series, Dr. Young takes a deeper dive into this [...]

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STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #1: Step Ladders   Most of what we do is not habit, but behavior.  So breaking bad habits or even creating new good habits won’t solve all your problems. In part one of our series with Dr. Sean Young, author of STICK WITH IT: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life for Good, we talk about the three different types [...]

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What is a credit score? Sponsored by Equifax.

School loans, purchasing a house, or putting the pedal to the metal in a new car; you may think the “price tag” is the most important number in this equation, but in realty, your credit score determines whether or not you even qualify for the purchase. In partnership with Equifax, we’re launching a new blog series to help you [...]

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3 Ways to Attract Millennial Talent and Why You Should   Many companies have a “can’t live with ‘em, can’t kill ‘em” mindset when it comes to millennials. But though some millennials may inspire headshakes and eye rolls, savvy companies like Atlanta’s MELT Sports & Entertainment see past the stereotypes and realize this generation is not only capable and creative but poised to create a bright future for [...]

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Corporate Culture & Ending the Year on a High Note

In the guest chair: Brandon Smith & Dana Barrett Brandon Smith, The Workplace Therapist joined Dana for the first hour of the show this morning to discuss positive ways to close out the year with your employees. Wanny Manasse, T-Mobile's Vice President of the Southeast Area was in studio for the second hour to discuss their 101 Best & Brightest [...]

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Women on Wednesday: Looking Back, Moving Forward

In the guest chair: Margaret Lisi & Dana Barrett During the first hour of today's show, Margaret Lisi, CEO of ST!R Marketing joined Dana in studio for a look at some of the lessons she learned in 2015 that could help you solidify your own business in the coming year. Sonia Booker joined in for the second [...]

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Tech Tuesday: Rigor, Rented & NFANT Labs

Billy Hoffman, Craig Hyde, Dana Barrett, Andrew McConnell In the guest chair: Today's tech talk featured Craig Hyde and Billy Hoffman of Rigor, Andrew McConnell of rented. and Lou Malice with NFANT Labs. Rigor provides a Web Performance Monitoring software platform that helps companies make their websites faster and more reliable. Some of the largest websites on the the internet (e.g. [...]

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Growth Hack: ACG, Mobile Labs, MailChimp, TAG, Technori

Denise Boyd, Dan McFall, Dana Barrett, Tom Klein In the guest chair: Great tech show today as ACG Atlanta President, Denise Boyd, Mobile Labs' Dan McFall, VP of Sales (Mobility Solutions), MailChimp Vice President of Marketing, Tom Klein, TAG COO, Amanda Hendley and Technori's Scott Henderson all joined Dana in studio. ACG is a global organization with 56 chapters and over 14,000 members. [...]

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Terminus, Hotspot Revenue, Doug Tieman, Grow

In the guest chair: Bill Bingham, Dana Barrett, Sagram Vajre We had a great show this morning as Sagram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO of Terminus, Bill Bingham, Co-Founder of Hotspot Revenue, and Rob Nelson, CEO of Grow all joined in on the show to talk tech and marketing. Plus, Doug Tieman, President & CEO of Caron Treatment [...]

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Women on Wednesday: Jenny Pruitt, the GHCC & ZAG Communications

In the guest chair: Jenny Pruitt & Dana Barrett Jenny Pruitt, CEO & Founder of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty joined Dana during hour one on the show to discuss her new memoir, Beneath His Wings. Santiago Marquez, VP & CFO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also called in to inform listeners about their Annual Business [...]

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