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Women on Wednesday: ATP Gala & Brand Ambassadors

In the guest chair: Kelly Kierans, Jennifer White, Dana Barrett Today's show began with ATP hour as Director of Partnerships, Jennifer White and Kelly Kierans, Co-Chair for this year's upcoming Awards Gala joined Dana live in studio. Margaret Lisi, regular contributor and CEO of ST!R Marketing joined in for the second hour to discuss why your employees [...]

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Tech Tuesday: The Business of Design and Venture Atlanta

In the guest chair: Wayne Li, Chip Gross, Dana Barrett It was all about creativity and design during the first hour of the show with AKQA Director of Client Services, Chip Gross and Georgia Tech Oliver Professor of Practice in Design & Engineering, Wayne Li. The focus shifted to Venture Atlanta as Convey Services Founder, Carolyn Bradfield and AchieveIt CEO, Paul Carmody joined Dana [...]

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Roadie, LenderCast & Wayback Burgers

In the guest chair: Marc Gorlin & Dana Barrett Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie was up for the first hour of the show this morning to talk branding and their partnership with Ludacris. John Carter, Founder and CEO of Wayback Burgers called in for the second hour to discuss their possible IPO. Nathan Settembrini and Carl Streck [...]

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The Business of Hiring, Customer Reviews and Fast Delivery

In the guest chair: Leslie Gerdes, Sam Janjua, Dana Barrett Yonder CEO, Leslie Gerdes joined Dana to discuss a better hiring process and Sam Janjua, City Director of Atlanta for Bellhops highlighted how they help both movers and college students during the first hour of the show this morning. Favor General Manager, Zach Ellard joined in on the second hour to talk [...]

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How It Works: Sustainability, Makers, Photography & Social Media

In the guest chair: Charlie Cichetti, Lew Lefton, David MacNair, Dana Barrett We had a great show this morning covering all things Atlanta including several 101 Best and Brightest Award winners. Charlie Cichetti, Co-Founder at SIG and Lew Lefton of Maker Faire Atlanta joined Dana for the first hour to talk sustainability and what it means to be a [...]

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Women on Wednesday: ATP & TEDxPeachtree

In the guest chair: Emily Ashley, Jennifer White, Dana Barrett ATP's Jennifer White and Emily Ashley joined Dana during the first half of the show this morning to touch on their upcoming Gala and Award Finalists. Jacqui Chew was in studio for the second hour to give all the details on this year's TEDxPeachtree conference. (Dana will [...]

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Tech Tuesday: Predikto & MusicLoon

In the guest chair: Mario Montag & Dana Barrett Predikto Founder and CEO, Mario Montag joined Dana in studio during the first hour of the show to talk big data and software for industrial equipment. Tim Hannon, Founder of MusicLoon, was up to the mic for the second hour, discussing his new app for live music concert [...]

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Ethics in Business – The Big Lie & The Little White Lie

In the guest chair: Don Barden & Dana Barrett Today marked a new era as The Dana Barrett Show is now airing live on biz 1190 from 9-11 am, extending to two hours. Don Barden, regular contributor and author of The Perfect Plan, joined Dana in studio to talk ethics and the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal. During [...]

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ACG: Pach-Tec and Cherry Bekaert LLP

In the guest chair: Dawn Patrick, Dana Barrett & Canyon Bowie Dawn Patrick, Partner, Industry Leader of Technology and Health & Life Sciences at Cherry Bekaert, LLP and Canyon Bowie, VP of Sales and Marketing for Path-Tec joined Dana on the show to talk growth, marketing and ACG's Fast 40. As a nationally recognized, growth-oriented CPA firm, Cherry Bekaert LLP [...]

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Emotional Intelligence at Work

Brandon Smith & Dana Barrett In the guest chair: Brandon Smith, regular show contributor, Workplace Therapist and founder of The Worksmiths LLC, chatted with Dana on air today about having emotional intelligence in the workplace and what it costs when you don't. The Worksmiths LLC, is a boutique executive coaching and culture consulting firm that helps clients [...]

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