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2/20/18 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:Will Hall, CEO HIPNationJim D’Arezzo, CEO of Condusiv Technologies In the Local Headlines:DeKalb takes next step in decriminalizing marijuana finds red flags in Hartsfield-Jackson contracting's TechOperators raising $100 million+ venture capital fund G.P. “Bud” Peterson, President of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has been selected as the latest inductee into the Technology Hall of Fame [...]

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2/16/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:Pete Canalichio - Author of Expand, Grow, ThriveShelbia Jackson - ChooseATL Tracklanta CompetitionIn the Local Headlines:Tesla's Model 3 to make Atlanta debut this weekend at Lenox Square Commissioners To Consider Proposal To Study Impact Of New Cities On Counties's Atlanta land-grab continues with major expansion at Midtown's Coda tower'We couldn't resist': Philips Arena to host [...]

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2/15/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:WHERE TO GO | WHAT TO DO with Malika Bowling, RoamiliciousPartha Unnava - CEO, BWHealth - discussing LassoGearIn the Local Headlines:At Delta HQ, Clayton Co. Students Protest Repeal Of Jet Fuel Tax of Marietta looking at its own hands-free ordinance pays out $1.1 billion in profit sharing Cosby Kid (and Celeb Big Brother contestant) Keshia [...]

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2/14/2018 – Happy Valentine’s Day! Guests & Stories

Show Guests:Carrie Roeger,  COO, Windsong PropertiesAmanda Farahany - Managing Partner, Barrett & FarahaneyIn the Local Headlines:Georgia Senate OKs 'Sunday brunch’ bill’s Big Brothers Big Sisters stays local with new CEO pick - Kwame Johnson - Atlanta Region Director of PowerMyLearning #BarrettBump - to eliminate dozens of positions trains, buses and some stations now have free Wi-Fi access Co. school superintendent [...]

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2/13/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:Charles Denyer - Author of "Number One Observatory Circle" and Cyber Security ExpertDr. Maryam Alavi, Dean of the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of TechnologyIn the Local Headlines:A push to rebrand MARTA as ‘The ATL’ is just a bad idea the National Headlines:The analyst who predicted Amazon would buy Whole Foods says only 2 cities have a [...]

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2/12/2018 – Guests & Headlines

Show Guests: Veronika Obeng - Mother/Reality TV Personality/Podcast Host/Blogger Emily Chang - Host of Bloomberg Technology and Author of "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley" In the Local Headlines: American mobility declines, but Atlanta’s still a popular destination Free Atlanta Streetcar rides? MARTA considers changes Congrats to Atlanta software firm Cardlytics - Friday the firm went [...]

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2/9/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:Jessica Higgins COO, GapingVoid Culture Design GroupIn the Local Headlines:Philips won't renew naming rights of Atlanta arena looking to create business court Pastner: ‘Zero truth’ to sexual assault allegations was just named 2018 Gerber baby. He has Down syndrome. the National Headlines:Congress Goes to the Wire on Budget Deal Ahead of Shutdown Deadline firestorm is engulfing John Kelly [...]

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2/8/18 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:WHERE TO GO | WHAT TO DO WITH Malika Bowling from RoamiliciousIn the Local Headlines:SNL's Leslie Jones has Twitter beef with Atlanta Fish Market making moves in Atlanta with new commuter benefits, zoo partnership R Us, Babies R Us liquidation starts at 7 Georgia stores Senate goes after opioid crisis Not Amazon; another big ‘A’ bets on bringing [...]

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2/6/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:In hour one: Jackie Morck - Executive Director, BuiltTech LabsIn hour two:Shanann Huie, CEO & Executive Loan Officer, Next Step Capital Funding AND Maverick Robinson, Founder/CEO of Next Step Capital Funding In the Local Headlines:Cobb proposes closing or consolidating 8 libraries CID remains tight-lipped over director’s exit Fulton offers job to first police chief, then rescinds it the National Headlines:Trump takes [...]

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2/7/2018 – Guests & Stories

Show Guests:TaVona Boggs, Lead Coach & Financial Architect, The Single CircleTania Garcia - SVP of Marketing for American Global LogisticsIn the Local Headlines:Gwinnett commissioner returns from heart attack, greeted by protesters Fulton mayors question county transit expansion plan the National Headlines:SpaceX Launches World’s Biggest Rocket star Kian Lawley loses movie gig after racist comments Kalanick appeared in court for [...]

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