Why Do We Let Angry Men Convince Us They’re Right?

Show Guests:

  • Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, Vice President, consumer education at Equifax
  • Julia Landauer, NASCAR Racer, Entrepreneur, Speaker

In the National/International Headlines:

    • Mob Rule – Anger as a tactic to keep the GOP fired up leading up to midterms
    • North Dakota: #MeToo Is a ‘Movement Toward Victimization,’ G.O.P. Senate Candidate Says https://nyti.ms/2pHpXrj
  • Taylor Swift no longer mum on politics after endorsing Democrats in Tennessee midterm races
  • Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn https://cnn.it/2IKBDCq
  • 20 Killed in Limo Crash in New York; Deadliest U.S. Accident in 9 Years https://nyti.ms/2pDZUl0

NASCAR Racer, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, Julia Landauer

Nancy Bistritz-Balkan of Equifax with Dana Barrett