Midterm Results Are In, And Turns Out It Wasn’t The Superbowl… Only Game 2

Show Guests:

In the National/International Headlines:

    • Voter turnout
    • Sen. Bill Nelson will ask for a recount in Florida race against Rick Scott http://bit.ly/2RDr5bq
    • Would ex-felon voting rights have flipped Florida for Democrats? It’s possible. http://bit.ly/2RDjD03
    • How Marsy’s Law performed in the 2018 midterm elections http://bit.ly/2RGW7zg
    • How white supremacist candidates fared in 2018
    • And what should Dems do next –
  • Pompeo’s Nuclear Talks With North Korean Officials Are Canceled https://on.wsj.com/2DrmVR2

In the Women on Wednesday Headlines:

In the Local Headlines:

Dana Barrett with Jenn Graham, Founder and CEO of Civic Dinners LLC

Dana Barrett with Kashi Sehgal, Chair/Organizer for Feed The Homeless