From Football To Facebook: Ethics Vs. Profits

Show Guests:

In the National/International Headlines:

  • President George H.W. Bush lies in state in U.S. Capitol Rotunda
    • North Carolina election-fraud investigation centers on operative with criminal history who worked for GOP congressional candidate
  • NFL
    • Kareem Hunt being investigated by NFL for second incident in Ohio, allegedly punched man
    • Jason Witten says the Redskins ‘used horrendous judgment’ in claiming Reuben Foster

In the Tech Headlines:

    • Tim Cook: Hate has ‘no place’ on Apple’s platforms

      Marc Benioff on privacy, regulation, and tech’s ethical dilemma

    • Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says we must fundamentally change how we view privacy, and fight to protect it in an increasingly complicated digital era.
    • Facebook denies report that election war room was disbanded
    • How Tumblr’s adult content crackdown could alienate users
  • America’s first self-driving car bill gets last-minute push from Congress
  • Amazon is slashing prices on popular holiday gifts for 12 days — here’s what categories will be on sale and when