Rich People Suck…

Show Guests:

  • NBC News Radio Correspondent Michael Bower

In the National/International Headlines:

    • Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin among dozens charged by FBI in an alleged scheme to get students into elite colleges
    • Trump proposes $4.7 trillion budget with domestic cuts, $8.6 billion in new funding for border wall
    • Boeing had a best-selling 737 and a growing global market. Now after two crashes, its reputation is at risk.

In the Tech Headlines:

  • Facebook deletes, and then restores, Elizabeth Warren’s ads criticizing the platform, drawing her rebuke
  • Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search
  • Larry Page ‘bypassed’ Alphabet’s board to personally give Andy Rubin a $150 million stock package while he was under investigation for sexual misconduct, according to lawsuit

In the Local Headlines: