Back in the 9th grade at Springfield High School, I won 3rd place in a sewing contest of some kind or other.  I had made some purple corduroy pants that were um… awful.  As if the pattern and material I selected weren’t bad enough, I actually missed some of the directions and put them together wrong and they ended up looking like MC Hammer pants (can’t touch this).  But even though they were ill conceived, I wore them with authority.  This was the beginning and end of my attempt at crafting – though my Chem teacher did call me Third Place Pants for the rest of the year.

But still… every once in a while… I see something artsy and think “I could do that.”  And with the cold and snow craziness that’s sweeping the country, it seems like a good time to stay inside and give it a try.  But don’t go it alone my friends – try some tips from one of these books… and please, by all means stay away from purple corduroy pants.

PS – I MADE THIS by Erica Domesek
The book features more than 25 projects inspired by iconic fashion looks, runway trends, and celebrated style mavens for readers to create themselves. Author Erica Domesek is the founder of the website Her projects have been featured in publications such as Glamour and Teen Vogue, among others and guess what they actually look pretty easy to do!

Remember Mark Montano from TLC?  Well kudos to him for creating this book and calling it what it is.  A big-ass book of crafts.  If you can’t find a project in this one, crafting just might not be for you.  And that’s okay.  Skip down to the bottom of this list.  We’re there for you.

RUBBISH: Reuse Your Refuse by Kate Shoup

Here’s a way to go green with your crafting.  You know what they say, “Reuse, reuse, reuse and then recycle” (Now if someone could just tell me who “they” are!).  But seriously, this book, will having you make one of a kind items from… well… your rubbish.


Retro is so last year.  Er wait… Retro is the new black.  Actually I think Retro is always retro and usually cool – so if you like a bit of nostalgia in your crafting – this is the book for you.

SIMPLE TIMES: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris
Okay – you probably won’t find too many actual projects to make in this one.  But if you decide reading and laughing are more your speed than actual crafting… this is the book for you!