New Year, Christmas, drunk clerkOn this past Sunday’s edition of Week In Review Dana aired some great clips from including the upcoming launch of a new show out of the Gwinnett Studio for BusinessRadioX!  The show will be called Testing the Experts and will begin airing Friday January 10th!

In addition Dana shared a slew of Atlanta business headlines this week including Mason Zimmerman’s claim that his firm’s plans for a larger mixed use facility right next to the new Braves Cobb County stadium is just a coincidence (as if), the benefits Buckhead will see with all of the GA 400 projects going on, and new urbanization possibly coming to the Perimeter Mall area.

She also discussed whether or not the move to provide tablets for ordering at Chili’s and Applebee’s is a good thing.   Conclusion?  Maybe yes for speed and clarity, but maybe no for overall dining experience.  Your thoughts?

And last but not least, Dana (who we know love lists) shared a Top 5 list of things to avoid doing at this year’s company holiday party:

#5 – Don’t be seen standing at the buffet with your Tupperware loading up food to take home.

#4 – Don’t hit on the boss’s husband or wife.

#3 – And even worse, don’t go up to the boss’s wife and ask if she’s his mother. Awkward.

#2 – Don’t drink so much that you end up doing a striptease act on the dance floor or your best impression of the HR manager’s lisp. Yikes

And #1 – Do not under any circumstances go to the company party dressed in any of the following: a t-shirt expressing your love for illegal substances, a ball gown, a bikini or a Santa costume (unless you were specifically asked to do so).