Women Of Color Win Dem Primaries. Can They Win In The General Election?

Show Guests:

In the National/International Headlines:

  • Ayanna Pressley’s Surprise Upset Shows Women Of Color’s Power In Democratic Politics https://n.pr/2Q78LHR
  • 5 storylines to watch in the unfolding saga of Donald Trump and Bob Woodward https://cnn.it/2NPAnQe
  • Kavanaugh confirmation hearings
  • Facebook, Twitter Heavies Set To Appear At Senate Hearing. Google May Be MIA https://n.pr/2Q6mVZG
  • North Carolina Can Use Gerrymandered Map In November, Court Rules https://n.pr/2Q70uDS

In the Women on Wednesday Headlines:

  • Monica Lewinsky walks off stage in Israel when asked about Bill Clinton https://cnn.it/2Q7a09Z
  • For Female Candidates, Harassment and Threats Come Every Day https://nyti.ms/2MYLI39
  • ‘Female physicians do not work as hard,’ Plano doctor tells Dallas Medical Journal

Nathalie Molina Niño, author of LEAPFROG: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs