They say “you get what you pay for”, and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, but in today’s marketplace that’s not always the case.  Today, you can get a great book by a wonderful author for FREE!  Yes… Free!  That’s $0.00.  Seriously.  And check out today today’s post by guest blogger and author Alma Katsu, who talks about the re-birth of short fiction and shares this great deal with us.  (Today’s the last day to get it too, people, so start clicking!)

It’s funny how things have changed in the publishing business. It wasn’t too long ago that writers bemoaned the death of the market for short fiction. Few high-circulation magazines were buying fiction anymore. Competition was steep at both literary and genre magazines, but readership wasn’t as robust as you might’ve liked.

Now with e-publishing, there’s a place for short stories and novellas again. They’ve become teasers, small morsels to tempt readers to take a chance on an author’s full-length books. Not too long ago, Kindle launched its Kindle Singles series, offering short stories and article-length non-fiction from brand name authors. Many publishers got in on the act, too, getting their authors (primarily novelists) to write a short story to help promote a book coming out in another format, trade paperback or mass market.

I bring this up to explain why I’m releasing my first e-short story, The Marriage Price. It features characters out of The Taker Trilogy, and tells the story of the ill-fated marriage of Evangeline McDougal, a child bride in the 1820s, to Jonathan St. Andrew, the most eligible bachelor in the remote town that bears his family’s name. If you’ve read The Taker, you might find interesting this glimpse of life in St. Andrew through a secondary character’s eyes. If you haven’t read either The Taker or The Reckoning, this is your chance to get a taste of these historical/supernatural novels free on Kindle for two days, August 7 and 8.

— Alma Katsu, author & guest blogger

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