In the guest chair:

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden & Dana Barrett

Don Barden, a senior level behavioral economist and 27 year Wall Street veteran, joined Dana live in studio to discuss the tech industry and the increased presence of women in the economy. He is currently the CEO of DDS Financial and his books are published in over 39 country’s around the globe.

DDS Financial is a business consultation, accounting, and coaching firm, specializing in dental, medical, and specialty practices.

Plus, Adam Gajdharsingh joined the show for our weekly Work Hard/Play Hard segment, highlighting events in Atlanta.

In the headlines:

  • Takata airbag recall with 34 million cars affected. It may take 5 years to solve and 25% of cars may never be fixed. See if your car is safe by looking up the VIN number.
  • Parkmobile is moving their headquarters to midtown.
  • Portman Holdings LLC will be developing a huge GA Tech mixed-use project at 4th and Spring.
  • The Governor’s plans for a Georgia Film Academy are moving forward.  It looks like Pinewood Studios will be the home of the academy, along with the ability to take classes virtually.  All of this is to make sure we have enough trained talent in the area to serve the growing film and television industry here in town.
  • Congress has passed a two month transportation funding bill.  This gives Georgia a decent chunk of change, but not as much as we need.
  • A Georgia BBQ restaurant was named #1 in the country.  The state of Georgia is #5 overall.
  • Walmart has revised (in a good way) its veterans hiring initiative.  Happy Memorial Day!

Other stuff:

Join us on June 8th for the next Dana Barrett Show Business Book Club! Our June selection is GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins. If you’ve been meaning to read this for years, now’s your chance! Or, if you read it years ago, time to refresh! Location TBD. Get all the details and sign up to attend here:

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