Atlanta City Design, and our Stick With it Series!

Show Guests:

Dana Barrett & Ryan Gravel

Beltline visionary Ryan Gravel, the Founder of SixPitch, and Generator joined us in hour 1 to talk Atlanta City Design.

Sean Young, the author of STICK WITH IT , joined us in hour two for Part 1 of our new series on the 7 forces for lasting change.  Get your copy of the book and read along with us over the next two months! Click here to order: .

In the local headlines:

In the national headlines:

  • Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks support lawsuit to block DACA repeal ( )
  • Facebook Identifies $100,000 In Ad Spending By Fake Accounts With Suspected Ties to Russia ( )
  • Accounts shared ‘divisive social and political messages,’ social network says Jack Dorsey’s Square Makes a Move Into Banking ( )
  • The planned unit would offer loans and deposit accounts to small businesses and be capitalized with $56 million in cash Airlines cap prices for Hurricane Irma evacuees ( )
  • Self-Driving Cars’ Prospects Rise With Vote by House ( )
  • Amazon wants to open a $5 billion second HQ in North America ( )
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