In the guest chair: 

Kate Atwood, Michael Morrissey an Dana Barrett

Kate Atwood, the Vice President of ChooseATL and Yik Yak’s VP of Engineering, Michael Morrissey joined Dana in-studio to talk about Atlanta’s activation at SXSW 2016.  Kate shared ChooseATL’s mission to attract and retain the best millennial talent to Atlanta and talked about how much work still needs to be done getting the word out.

Michael explained Yik Yak’s goal of connecting people to their communities and making the world feel small again.  He also addressed the early controversy the company faced regarding bullying and talked about the measures that are now in place to prevent that kind of interaction.

Michael also talked about Yik Yak’s incredible growth and talked about why the company’s founders were excited to participate in SXSW and help bring attention to the burgeoning tech community in Atlanta.

Eric Helman & Dana Barrett

In hour two, Eric Helman the Chief Strategy Officer with Hodges-Mace,  sat down with Dana to examine the current state of health insurance in the US.  They discussed the meaningless political yelling that is all most people know about Obamacare and down to the truth about Obamacare in its current state and where it may be headed.

In the national headlines:

  • Starting Sunday, Disney’s Walt Disney World resort in Florida and Disneyland in California will charge different ticket prices for its parks depending on the time of year.
  • Does Apple have grounds to refuse the FBI’s demands to write code that would unlock the iPhone used by one of the alleged shooters in the San Bernadino tragedy? According to Apple, they do.  The company says that software code is a form of speech, and the government can’t force it to “say” something under the First Amendment.
  • When it comes to entertainment awards shows, the Oscars is the most prestigious—and by far the most expensive.  We discussed the price tag, the controversy over the swag bags and the racism issues that were front and center at this year’s awards.

In the local headlines: