In the guest chair:


With Hans Utz

Deputy Chief Operating Officer from the City of Atlanta, Hans Utz, joined us in studio today to talk all things Atlanta.

Hans has an engineering background, with both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees awarded from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Hans supports the Mayor in assembling the city’s $1.8B budget and managing 12 operating departments, including the Police, Fire, Public Works and Watershed departments.

Notable Quotes:

“Mayor Reed feels that the city isn’t moving too fast in selling real estate in Atlanta.”-Dana Barrett

“Having the Olympics here in 1996 helped start the revitalization of the city of Atlanta.”-Dana Barrett

“If there wasn’t any feedback or concern over selling city owned real estate, I’d be  worried that there wasn’t enough engagement.”-Hans Utz

“B2C companies are not what we are known for in Atlanta but we should be proud that our city is about B2B.  We are all about business.”-Dana Barrett

“What you find is people with experience have found a problem to solve and they make a business out of solving that problem.”-Hans Utz

“You want your company to have a little maturation before you jump into paying  for space as an entrepreneur.”-Hans Utz

“You are starting to see talent imported here and they are choosing to say here in Atlanta because it’ s a great place to live.”-Hans Utz

“The fundamental issue that occurred with the snow was a matter of coordination.”-Hans Utz

“I think we’re absolutely moving in the right direction. The energy that there is in Atlanta is organic which is great.”-Hans Utz

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