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With John Dreyzehner from BitPay

BitPay‘s John Dreyzehner joined me in the studio today to explain what Bitcoin is, why business should accept it (no transactions fees like credit cards have), and why we should want to use it (more secure form of payment – and could be worth a lot someday).

The explanation still left me a bit dazed and confused, but I think it is all starting to become clear.  I need to have faith.  And just accept that it’s a thing that has value.  A thing I can trade for other things that have value.  Like shoes.  And let’s face it, it’s not like I really understand what a dollar is either – I just grew up with them – and I was taught to believe that they would buy me stuff.  And they do.  Same deal here.  But maybe a better way.  We shall see.  Thanks to John I now have a teensy bit of bitcoin.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Of note, BitPay does not charge small and medium sized business to use their service and start accepting bitcoin as payment.  There are no transaction fees AND they guarantee the amount you charged your customer is the amount that will go into your bank account (in dollars) even if the value of bitcoin were to drop during that day.

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