In the guest chair:

tag_logoTAG Entertainment Society Co-Chairs Audra Browning and David Lieberman joined me in-studio to talk about the entertainment industry in Atlanta and how the Technology Association of Georgia addresses the needs of the community.  We also talked about the why some of the business from Atlanta films and television still goes to out of state vendors and how they see that improving and changing as we move forward.  David and Audra also shared some statistics about TAG and some of their upcoming events including the Battle of the Bands which will be held May 1st at Opera!

In the local headlines today:

And then in the national spotlight

  • Congress is so far “underwhelmed,” by GM CEO Mary Barra’s answers or lack thereof about it’s safety problems.  We talk about it.
  • And another big company CEO under attack – Mozilla’s Brendan Eich being asked to step down over a 2008 donation he made to California’s Prop 8 – which banned gay and lesbian marriages in the state. Should one person’s personal beliefs – not behavior – effect how you feel about the company they run or product they sell.  Should someone you disagree with be asked to resign, because they don’t agree with you?  Can you be intolerant of the intolerant?  

On the lighter side: