I would like Adriana Trigiani to be my new best friend.  And trust me, after you listen to this interview, you’ll want her to be your best friend too.  But you can’t have her.  I asked first.

But seriously this woman is what I like to call an Insta-Friend.  Her warmth and personality come across not only in this interview, but also in her books.  I spent the three days prior to the interview reading VERY VALENTINE (which I won on Adriana’s Facebook page, btw) and BRAVA, VALENTINE which make up the first two books in a three book series.  Suffice it to say not only is Adriana now my friend, but the character Valentine is my friend as well.  (Yes, I have a very imaginative inner life).

The books are about the 30 something Valentine Roncalli who is struggling to make something of her career while still finding time for love and family.  Adriana and I talked about Valentine as Valentine – but we also talked about Valentine as she relates to women everywhere.  That’s when I knew we just had to be best friends.  Oh and did I mention Adriana can also cook up a storm and loves to entertain.  Who doesn’t need a friend like that?

In addition to the balance of life and work, the Valentine series delivers a wonderful batch of characters who will keep you flipping pages until late into the night.  You’ll also get to tour Italy and learn about custom shoe-making…all vicariously of course… unless you take one of the custom tours brought to you by Adriana Trigiani Tours.

Check out the interview to learn more about the books, Adriana, the movies that are in the works and a sneak peek at the third Valentine book!

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did –  and don’t forget to check out the rest of the podcast series on iTunes!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor