Here at Midtown Review, we love watching an author’s career take off… and that is just what has happened with Brad Taylor.  When he visited last year for the an interview about his debut novel ONE ROUGH MAN, I knew he was going to be big.  And I was right… ONE ROUGH MAN, the first in the Pike Logan series became an instant New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller!  Can Midtown Review take credit for that?  Er, well… probably not, but I’m still proud of Brad’s success and thrilled that he was willing to come back for an interview about his new book ALL NECESSARY FORCE.

ALL NECESSARY FORCE picks up the story of Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill not too long after we left them at the end of ONE ROUGH MAN.  Pike is not going back to work for the Taskforce directly, but he is going to work with them, as part of a cover organization he and Jennifer are setting up.  She’s getting trained to be a serious ass-kicker and having a hard time gaining the respect and trust of the veteran Taskforce members as she and Pike start working on getting their new business up and running.

Before the pair can really get too much done in terms of the cover organization they find themselves up against a terrorist plot to get ahold of and possibly use some nasty weapons on American soil.  As with the first book, Brad masterfully weaves his expertise with military operations and international politics with the moral and ethical and personal dilemmas that come with using force.  Forget the “sophomore slump”ALL NECESSARY FORCE is another page turner!

Check out my interview with Brad where we talk in detail about women kicking ass, about the some of the moral and ethical challenges AND about some of the cool weapons and technology in the book.  Of course Brad also gives us a sneak peek into Book 3 and what’s next for Pike and Jennifer!