Brad Taylor - The Widow's StrikeBrad Taylor is back with the fourth book the Pike Logan Thriller Series, THE WIDOW’S STRIKE.  Like the other three books, THE WIDOW’S STRIKE is non-stop action from beginning to end with high tech weapons, terrorist plots ripped straight from the headlines and the bad-ass Taskforce keeping us all safe.

Pike, Jennifer, Knuckles, Retro and the pesky Oversight Council are all back in this new installment and this time the threat comes in the form of a weaponized strain of the Avian flu.

Since I now feel like Brad (and his lovely wife Elaine) are old friends, I’m always thrilled to have them back in the studio for an interview.  I was especially grateful to have them in today, as the book just hit shelves yesterday!

Check out the interview to find out which stuff is real and which is fiction… Oh, and let me know if you think Pike and Jennifer should hook up or keep it professional!

— Dana

PS – And don’t forget to check out Brad’s tour schedule at – He’s in Atlanta off Holcomb Bridge Road tonight!!