Debbie Macomber absolutely IS as sweet as she looks.  She is also a savvy businesswoman who has built quite an empire – or if not built – perhaps crafted (she is an avid knitter after all!).

Debbie releases multiple books per year in her various beloved series, has a set of companion knitting books that go along with her fiction, owns a knitting store, works on charity projects and still has time to drive coast to coast with her hubby twice a year – which in fact was the seed of the idea for the newest book in her Blossom Street series: A TURN IN THE ROAD.

I was able to get some of Debbie’s time last week as she passed through Atlanta on book tour.  We talked about her busy life, where her ideas come from and the three generation of women in the new book.

We also talked about life after infidelity – a major theme in the book – as well as the way women are women no matter what age.

As always I got Debbie to give some hints about some of her upcoming projects  – and away from the microphone she shared how she had a hand in the cover art (something that authors rarely get to do) and suggested the three suitcases on top of the car – representing the three generations of women portrayed in the story.

I hope you enjoy the interview and remember to check out the rest of the series, now on iTunes!

– Dana Barrett, Managing Editor