New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James already lives a double life. She is both the beloved and bestselling romance author Eloisa James AND Professor Mary Bly who teaches Shakespeare at Fordham University and has degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Yale.

But now Eloisa is taking on a third role – that of memoirist. Her new book is called PARIS IN LOVE and it is the story of a year she and her family spent in Paris.

The book will in turn have you laughing, hoping for love for Florent, wanting to meet Milo the dog, and wishing you were as chic as the french women Eloisa encounters.  It will also make you hungry!  There is plenty of chocolate in this one, along with tucked away French bistros and interesting groceries and markets.

If you think uprooting your life and moving to Paris would be a challenge – imagine what it was like for Eloisa’s kids, who had to go to school and learn in a foreign language (or two!).

You may already feel like you know and love Eloisa from reading her romance novels, but after reading PARIS IN LOVE,  you will wonder why she’s not calling you to meet for lunch!

It was a pleasure talking to Eloisa for this interview and the best part is I got an update on all the friends and family I had to say goodbye to at the end of the book!

As always, I hope you enjoy the interview!  Be sure to check out the rest of the author interview series on iTunes!  AND — if your’re in Miami you can meet Eloisa tonight at Books & Books or tomorrow at Florida International University.  If you’re in Atlanta, Eloisa will be in town this Saturday making two stops, one at the Alpharetta Barnes & Noble at 2:00PM, and then at Foxtale Books in Woodstock, at 6PM!  For a full listing of Eloisa’s appearances, check her website!