Holly LeCraw is one of those people you just instantly like.  Maybe it’s that we’re around the same age and have both lived in the Northeast and the South.  Or maybe it’s that we’re both bookworms and indy bookstore lovers (her Dad was the owner of the legendary Oxford Book in Atlanta, and I used to own Coffee Buy The Book in  Roswell).  Whatever the case, I feel sure that if Holly and I lived in the same area, we’d be hanging out drinking wine on a regular basis.

Holly and I met for the first time last year when she was touring Atlanta promoting the hardcover release of her debut novel, THE SWIMMING POOL.  We recorded this interview then, but I thought it would be great to re-air it now as the paperback edition was just released a couple weeks ago.

THE SWIMMING POOL is a complicated story of loyalty, devotion, love and loss.  With a myriad of topics to talk about, the book is a great selection for book clubs and now that’s it out in paperback, if you’re group hasn’t already read it, you have no excuse!

I hope you enjoy the interview and remember to check out the rest of the series, now on iTunes!

– Dana Barrett, Managing Editor