Jeffrey Small’s debut novel THE BREATH OF GOD tells the story of an Emory University grad student – Grant Matthews – who is searching for some lost religious texts that could potentially change the way the world views religion.  These documents, which detail one of the greatest mysteries in the bible, (what Jesus was doing from his early teens through age thirty), will show how similar and more importantly, historically interconnected the world’s religions are.

Of course there are some fundamentalists across religions that don’t welcome that kind of change – and want to make sure the documents are never found.  This leads not only to international chase for Grant and his journalist friend Kristin, a spiritual journey as well.

Who better to tell this story than a guy who has studied religion at Oxford University and has traveled to all of the international sites of religious importance that appear in the book?  What about a guy who runs a commercial real estate company and was a former amateur ballroom dance champion?  Confused?  Don’t be.  As it turns out Jeffrey Small is both of those guys.   Okay – he’s just one guy – but a very busy one!

Thankfully, Jeff was able to make time in his busy schedule to chat with me about his crazy busy life and the new book.

We started out chatting about ballroom dance and then quick-stepped gracefully into a deep discussion of religious intolerance and some of the deeper themes in this book.  (See what I did there?)

And while the book is definitely a thought provoking look at the world’s religions and a personal spiritual journey, it is also, at its core a fast paced, fun novel of suspense.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book and the interview and remember to check out the rest of the series, now on iTunes!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor