Jeffrey Stepakoff is a former Hollywood film and television writer with some pretty impressive credits to his name.  He’s worked on show like SISTERS, THE WONDER YEARS and DAWSON’S CREEK where he was a Co-Executive Producer.  That could be why his books are so visual.  It was true in his debut novel FIREWORKS OVER TOCCOA, and it’s true in his new book THE ORCHARD which just hit shelves today.  As you read both books you’ll find you can clearly visualize the scenes and picture the characters.

It’s not that Jeffrey is overly descriptive – it’s just that somehow the scenes he paints are deeply human and relatable.

Jeffrey and I met for the first time last year when FIREWORKS came out and he became, what I like to call, an “insta-friend”.  We converse easily – and thank goodness for that because yesterday when we sat down to do this interview, I had some technical difficulties, and we actually had to do the interview twice!  Jeff gets the award for the author with the most patience for sure!

But that’s not the only thing that makes this author unique.  He’s a dude who writes about love.  And deep feelings.  Can you imagine? And not only does he write about love and feelings, he gets it right!

As always in the interview we talk about the characters and themes in the book – but we also talk about the fascinating worlds this book is set in:  the world of organic apples and of corporate scent and taste development.

You’ll want to add this book to your beach bag this summer – but be warned you’ll need to pack a couple organic apples too.  Once you start reading you’ll be craving them, I swear!

As always, I hope you enjoy the interview.  And be sure to check out the rest of the series on iTunes!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor