Justin Cronin set out to write a “post-apocalyptic, horror, thriller, western, vampire, coming-of-age, road novel with structural references to Homer and Shakespeare,” and in fact, that is just what he did.  While not a problem for us as readers, I do feel a bit sorry for the booksellers who have to figure out where to shelve it!

THE PASSAGE is a journey on a many levels and I had the chance to sit down with Justin as he was passing through town yesterday on his own journey, better known as book tour.

We talked about the inspiration for the book and in addition to the fact that his daughter wanted him to write a novel about a girl who saves the world, he also said he wanted to go back to the kinds of books that inspired him growing up.   (Of course you’ll have to listen to see which titles he mentions specifically!).

We talked about some of the themes in the book and I did get a few little sneak peeks at what we can expect as the trilogy continues.   (Though Justin did warn me that sequels are like FIGHT CLUB, where the first rule is “You don’t talk about sequels”).

Aside from being a fantastic writer and all around smarty pants, Justin is quite the talker.  When asked about the character Amy and what her psychic abilities might be, he said he couldn’t reveal that just yet, but he could tell me that “she is a cosmic event of such significance that the universe can’t ignore it.”  I would like to be called that, wouldn’t you?

As always, I hope you enjoy the interview! And don’t forget to check out the rest of the series on iTunes!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor