When her famous father, James Jones (author of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY and THE THIN RED LINE)  died from heart failure complicated by years of drinking, Kaylie Jones turned to his work for inspiration and decided that she too would become a writer.  After publishing several novels which circled around the alcoholism and guilt she was familiar with,  Kaylie finally decided it was time to get the heart of the matter and tell her own story.

LIES MY MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME is the mesmerizing story of Kaylie’s battle with alcoholism and her struggle to flourish despite the looming shadow of a famous father and an emotionally abusive mother.

When Kaylie and I sat down to talk about the book, she shared some insights into her so-called glamorous upbringing and her struggles with the alcoholism that she inherited from her mother.

After reading a memoir, I often feel like I know an author better than I know my own best friends, so it’s always a challenge not to jump into a conversation with them as if we just had coffee together the day before.  My interview with Kaylie was no different, though in fairness we did start at the beginning and talked about where the title LIES MY MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME came from.  We also talked about what it was like growing up around some very famous figures in the literary world (not to mention a movie star or two)… but mostly we talked about Kaylie’s complicated relationship with her mother.  And though our own stories may not be quite as dramatic, I don’t think there’s a daughter alive who doesn’t understand complicated.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor