The first time I met Mary Kay Andrews was when she came to my bookstore in Roswell, GA (Coffee Buy The Book) to do a book signing.  I’ve lost track of how many years ago that was – but I do remember the line of adoring fans snaking through the store and out the door and Mary Kay’s warmth with each of the fans she met.

Since then, we’ve been at countless events together but this is only the second time we’ve sat down to do an interview.  As she is about to starting hopping from town to town, I was lucky enough to grab some time with Mary Kay before the book launch began!  (Which, by the way, for Atlanta folks, is tonight at Feast in Decatur and I believe tickets are still available!)

SUMMER RENTAL is the story of three lifelong friends who haven’t seen in each other in awhile and decide to take a summer vacation together to catch up.  At first there’s nothing more to the plan than laying on the beach and catching up on girl talk, but by the time the women arrive, things have changed and it turns out to be a transitional time for each of them.  Danger enters the picture in a good way in the form of next door neighbor, Ty Blazemore and in a not so good way with the fourth house guest, a stranger named Maryn who is on the run.  The book is a page turner for sure and should definitely be in your beach bag this summer!

I hope you enjoy the interview!  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the series on iTunes!

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— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor