Will you do the “right” thing, even if it hurts you?  Will you put yourself, your loved ones, your career or your reputation on the line to stand-up and make change in the world?  Tough questions to be sure.  Easy to say yes in theory, but maybe not so easy when presented with the challenge.  Meg Waite Clayton tackles this question among others in her new book THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS.

When we sat down to chat last week, Meg summed up the book for me like this “THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS is the story of four women friends who met in law school and who have to decide what to do when a skeleton falls out of their collective closet just as one of the women is in nomination hearings for an appointment to the Supreme Court”.

She wrote the book, she should know… but THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS is far more complex than that. Not only does the book deal with that skeleton and with how decisions we make when we are young affect us, it is also a complex story about women.  With this story, Meg delves into women’s careers and women’s rights and examines the ups and downs between mothers and daughters and the bond between women friends.

During the course of our conversation, Meg and I talked about how far women have come over the last generation or two and how different it is for kids growing up and entering the workforce today.  We also dove into the inspiration for the characters in the book and best of all I got Meg to give a sneak peek into what she’s working on next.  I’ll give you hint… if you loved THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS (Meg’s last book), you are going to be very happy… but you’ll have to listen to the interview to get the full scoop.  (See what I did there?)

As always, we hope you enjoy the interview and remind you to check out the rest of the author interview series now available on iTunes!

– Dana Barrett, Managing Editor