We’re changing things up today and going video for the podcast! I had the pleasure of sitting down with author Wendy Wax this week to talk about her new novel (and the Midtown Review Book Club Pick), TEN BEACH ROAD.

The book tells the story of three women who have never met, but whose lives intersect after they are devastated by a Bernie Madoff style ponzi scheme that leaves them each broke but with a third share in a dilapidated mansion on Pass-A-Grille beach in St. Pete Florida.  The women head to the house thinking they’ll put it on the market, take the money and run.  But when they get there, no such luck.  The house is a mess.  So they decide to stay and fix the place up.  Add to the mix a single, pregnant daughter, an estranged mother and a brother who is actually responsible for all their financial losses and you have one of the best beach books of the summer!

Wendy and I talk about the women and their challenges and the house, Bella Flora, who adds her own drama and character to the story!

Enjoy the video podcast and check out the rest of the series (audio only), now on iTunes!

If you live in the Atlanta area you can join the Midtown Review Book Club later this month to discuss the book AND MEET THE AUTHOR!  Go to http://www.meetup.com/MidtownReview/ for all the details and to register!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor