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Say No to Zika – IoT in-depth, and Learning to Listen

In the Guest Chair:  Kara Zeigler and Dana Barrett Joining Dana in-studio today was Kara Zeigler, Store Manager of of Pike Nurseries, Lindbergh. Fear of the Zika virus is effecting the Rio Olympics, the travel industry AND scaring people indoors. Dana brought Kara in to share the most effective, proven methods for reducing and repelling the potentially disease carrying critters. The cool [...]

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Tech Tuesday: Marketing & Tech Collaborate + Employee Tenure & Retention – June 7th, 2016

In the Guest Chair:  Dana Barrett, Patrick Hiller and Jen White Regular Contributor Jen White, Vice President of Operations for ATP, and Patrick Hiller, EAB for ATP and CEO of Cumberland Group, joined Dana during hour one of the show. The group talked about the collaboration between the CMO and the CIO, and Hiller noted that, "There’s no question today’s CEO [...]

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Health Insurance Costs on the Rise, More Charges for Shkreli & Reformation Brewery

In the Guest Chair:  Spencer Nix and Dana Barrett Joining Dana in studio today was Spencer Nix, CEO and Co-Founder of Reformation Brewery. He and Dana discussed the significance of community and tradition in developing his company. Nix explained, "We’re a values based business, emphasizing the why." Dana also reaired her interview with Rich McKay, President & CEO of the Atlanta Falcons. [...]

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Margaret Lisi on The Line Between Accountability and Profitability…

As Marketers, Where Should We Draw the Line Between Accountability and Profitability? And Is That Our Responsibility or Our Client’s? Who bears the responsibility for creating awareness for, or being aware of, the claims a company makes of its product? Is it a company, its marketing agency, or the consumer? Well, ideally it’s the company living its values. I [...]

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The First Rule of Crisis Communications: Be Prepared

By Sean Selman ST!R Marketing Not all news is good news, and no company or business wants to be the center of negative attention in a news cycle. But the reality is – it can happen, at almost any time, and you have to be prepared before it hits. These situations are never easy, but they can be managed [...]

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Gender Barriers: Not Just In Our Heads

July 8, 2015 By Margaret Lisi We’re taking on new roles and breaking barriers all the time. Isn’t it a given that we have a place at the office conference table? Well, yes and no. Of course, many a mom would answer as she juggles kids, carpool, jobs and more (yes, guys, we know you’re much better than Dad [...]

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Age Matters, But Beware Stereotypes in Communications

By Christal Davis ST!R Marketing Generally I’m not a fan of lumping people together in groups based on demographics, but I do understand that age does matter – in the form of generational segmentation. Grouping consumers and employees by age or generation allows you to deliver nuanced, targeted messages that best connect with them. There’s a delicate balance at [...]

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Engage Your Front Line to Shake Up the Status Quo

Earlier this week, Dana and I tackled the idea of disruptive employee communications on her radio show.  Studied show that over 70% of us are not engaged at work.  Encouraging employees to disrupt in a good way could be the answer! Disruptive is the new buzzword in business today. Disruptive technology, innovation, finance—as a business model, disruption turns an industry [...]

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With So Many Choices, My Social (Media) Life is Making Me Crazy!

This morning I was in-studio with Dana talking about all the channels available for communicating your stories and how to figure out which ones are right for your business.  So here's the deal...don’t focus on all the tools, just the right ones for your brand. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the juggernauts of social media, but how do you use them [...]

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B2B Marketing and Selling Your Business

In the guest chair: Kevin O'Malley, Nate Kristy, Dana Barrett, and John Monahon John Monahon, a Partner with Trusted Counsel, joined us on today's show to talk about what it takes to sell a business right now in Atlanta. He discussed how to prepare for a and structure a successful sale. He also talked about the current economic climate, and some common misconceptions about [...]

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