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6/25/2018 – Trump v. Fallon, And Women In Saudi Arabia Hit The Road!

Here are the stories discussed on today's show: In the Local Headlines: Trump tariffs roil Georgia businesses, force pols to raise alarm http://bit.ly/2tCYAQK Atlanta metro population on pace to pass Philadelphia as 8th largest http://bit.ly/2yEa1h5 In the National Headlines: Is America headed toward a civil war? Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun https://usat.ly/2lwqcU8 Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of [...]

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6/22/2018 – Melania’s Zara Jacket, Casey Cagle Defends Himself, Trump on Filibuster, Alex Guthrie, and Comcast

Fronton, Texas, USA - February 9, 2016: Show Guests: Alex Guthrie, Singer/Songwriter Alex Horwitz, Comcast In the National Headlines: Trump says GOP should 'stop wasting their time on immigration' until after midterms https://cnn.it/2lvUN4p 23andme donating DNA kits to help reunite migrant families https://bayareane.ws/2tul5Hv Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on Melania Trump's "I Really Don't Care” Jacket http://bit.ly/2yE6oYa ABC's 'Roseanne' Spinoff [...]

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6/21/2018 – Mayor Bottoms Responds to Immigration Criticism, Executive Order from Trump, Cousins Maine Lobster!

Dana Barrett, and Jim Tselikis, Co-Founder of Cousins Maine Lobster Show Guests: Jim Tselikis, Co-Founder of Cousins Maine Lobster In the Local Headlines: Atlanta Mayor Bottoms Stops Immigration Cooperation Over Separations http://bit.ly/2ts0DHg Cagle, Kemp pick a fight with Atlanta mayor over detainee order http://bit.ly/2loDuCd Delta’s Statement on Immigration Executive Order http://bit.ly/2lpU0Sp Casey Cagle appoints committee of senators to consider state [...]

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06/20/2018 – Fear-Mongering from the Right on Immigration, P&G Advertising Equality, UNHRC, and WoW Headlines!

In the Local Headlines: Bus-rapid transit coming to Georgia 400 with $100M price tag http://bit.ly/2ljJuvR AJC says: New Ga. 400 transit line could become key to Amazon pitch https://on-ajc.com/2lmUVTJ LYING LIARS WHO LIE: Candidate for Georgia secretary of state retracts inaccurate claim http://bit.ly/2lpOWO1 In the National Headlines: Fox News’s Laura Ingraham says immigrant child detention centers are ‘essentially summer camps’ https://wapo.st/2lltdqc Migrant kids are [...]

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06/19/2018 – Trump continues Separating Children from Families, Trade War is REAL, Space Force, Tech Headlines!

Show Guests: Harlan Ullman, Author of "Anatomy of Failure: Why America Loses Every War it Starts" Dr. John Huber, Psychologist, Main Street Mental Health In the Local Headlines: Deal to unveil $100M in ‘groundbreaking’ new transit funding https://on-ajc.com/2MAVIwt Electric scooter sharing company launches in Atlanta http://bit.ly/2lgZUVP Equifax Appoints New Chief Technology Officer http://bit.ly/2t8kXOv In the National Headlines: Trump Resisting a Growing [...]

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06/18/2018 – Separating Families at the Border, Kemp vs Intuit, Brandnetic Marketing, Film in GA, and Roadie!

Show Guests: Bea Wray, Co-Founder of Millennial Women Network, Co-Host of Selling In The New Millennium, and author of  “What Harvard Taught Me But My Kids Made Me Learn“ BethTalbert,VP of Studio Operations, Eagle Rock Studios Marc Gorlin Founder & CEO, Roadie In the Local Headlines: Kemp takes aim at credit services that ‘discriminate’ against gun-sellers http://bit.ly/2lhQNnC Credit service [...]

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06/15/2018 – Trump doesn’t like IG Report, Chinese Trade War, Cagle Condo, Candidate Sarah Amico, and Aloe Vera

Show Guests: Heather Florio, COO at Desert Harvest 1:30PM - In-Studio - Sarah Amico, Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor In the Local Headlines: From the NY Times: Candidate for Georgia Governor Bought Condo From Lobbyist https://nyti.ms/2ydoO1P Solar panel maker emerges from darkness of bankruptcy http://bit.ly/2ta34hC Georgia Tech backs transportation innovations in Gwinnett, Chamblee http://bit.ly/2yeGMBd Coalition launches three-year plan to fight human trafficking http://bit.ly/2ycrInz [...]

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06/14/2018 – IG Report on Comey, Hillary. What’s Next For NK? Plus Monday Night Brewing & Horizon Theater

Show Guests: Joel Iverson, COO Monday Night Brewing Lisa Adler, Horizon Theater Company In the Local Headlines: Republican lawmakers want criminal probe into Cagle’s ‘bad’ policy push http://bit.ly/2l9FiPn In the National Headlines: What to Watch For in Today’s Report on the F.B.I.’s Hillary Clinton Investigation https://nyti.ms/2l6R2BU Trump seemingly justifies brutal actions by Kim and says he's 'very smart’ https://cnn.it/2l7dyL3 N.Y. Attorney [...]

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06/13/2018 – More Scandal for Casey Cagle, Trump North Korea Summit, AI Finds #FakeNews, and #MeToo

Show Guests: Melissa Long, Journalist with Ground (AI-powered app with patent pending technology helps people to decipher real news from fake news) In the Local Headlines: MORE FALLOUT FOR CASEY CAGLE: Cagle backed charter bill to nab support from outside group http://bit.ly/2l4JzDq DeKalb Commissioner Gregory Adams tearfully denied sexual harassment http://bit.ly/2l53271 In the National Headlines: Corker slams GOP colleagues: 'We [...]

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06/11/2018 – Policy vs. Politics, Casey Cagle Fails Georgia, & Allies vs. Enemies at the G7 and Singapore Summits

Show Guests: Brett Daniels & Lee Hendrickson, Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee Steve Nudelberg, On the Ball Marketing - Register for SELLING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM here:  https://nudelberg.com/events/ In the Local Headlines: Secret recording shows Cagle backed ‘bad’ bill to hurt gov race rival https://on-ajc.com/2l3Z2Us Publix ready to launch specialty, organic grocery concept in Atlanta http://bit.ly/2l1PSaU Southern Company CEO: Many [...]

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