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The Business of Puppeteering

In the guest chair: Vincent Anthony and Dana Barrett Executive Founding Director of the Center for Puppetry Arts, Vincent Anthony joined Dana live in studio to talk about the Center's backstory, Jim Henson, and the Museum expansion that opens officially on November 14th. The Center for Puppetry Arts is a unique cultural treasure - a magical place [...]

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Downtown Restaurant Week & Ingenious Med

In the guest chair: Courtney Schickel, Carl Pearson, Dana Barrett and Lynn Williamson Ingenious Med's VP of Marketing, Courtney Schickel and Software Engineer, Carl Pearson joined Dana live in studio to talk about why it's important to promote health in the workplace. Marketing and Creative Director of Central Atlanta Progress, Lynn Williamson also joined Dana in studio [...]

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Women on Wednesday: Lara Lyn Carter

In the guest chair: Lara Lyn Carter and Dana Barrett Lara Lyn Carter joined Dana live in studio today to discuss Southern cooking, TV and her career. Lara Lyn Carter is the Owner of Progressive Southern Foods, Host of Thyme for Sharingwith Lara Lyn Carter on GPB, and has a line of her very own sauces, Wicker and Whisk, which launched in June 2015. Wicker & Whisk was [...]

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Tech Tuesday: CyberSecurity & Uber for Moving Stuff

In the guest chair: Marci McCarthy, Dana Barrett and Joe Norton Founder and CEO of TEN and ISE, Marci McCarthy and Founder of Tote App, Joe Norton joined Dana live in studio to discuss cyber security, start-ups and the sharing economy. T.E.N., a national technology and security executive networking organization, facilitates peer-to-peer relationships between top executives, industry [...]

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Are You Managing Your Risk?

In the guest chair: Financial advisors with Northwestern Mutual and Regular Contributors, Samantha Holowka and Kasey Gartner joined Dana live in studio to discuss insurance and risk management for individuals. The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company is a U.S. financial services mutual organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its products include life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, annuities, mutual [...]

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What’s Your Business Worth?

In the guest chair: David Hern and Dana Barrett Manager with Alvarez & Marsal, David Hern joined Dana live in studio to discuss the importance of business valuation. Alvarez & Marsal, LLC provides financial advisory services. The company offers valuation, turnaround advisory, crisis and interim management, process improvement, creditor advisory, corporate finance, and transaction advisory services. Additionally, [...]

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The Art of Serving Your Customer – Food & Tech

In the guest chair: Chris Poelma, Dawn Hall, and Dana Barrett President & General Manager of NCR Small Business, Chris Poelma and Owner of Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen, Dawn Hall joined Dana live in studio to discuss running small businesses and making healthy, local food into festival fun. Voted "One of the Top 10 Healthiest Food Trucks, [...]

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Women on Wednesday: Collaboration, Communication, Personality, Progress?

In the guest chair: Owner and CEO of ST!R Marketing and Regular Contributor, Margaret Lisi joined Dana live in studio to discuss collaboration, communication across genders, and women in leadership. ST!R Marketing is made up of storytellers with the experience and expertise to tell your tales in ways that motivate, excite and engage. With more than 60 years’ combined experience [...]

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Tech Tuesday: Tech that Brings Borrowers & Lenders Together AND Embraces Regulation

In the guest chair: Brian Dally and Dana Barrett Co-founder and CEO of GROUNDFLOOR and regular contributor, Brian Dally joined Dana live in studio to discuss crowdfunding for real return on investment and embracing regulation instead of fighting it. GROUNDFLOOR is the first microlending community for real estate. Together they back independent builders with secured loans that pay [...]

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Vein Innovations – Atlanta Based & High Tech

David Martin and Dana Barrett In the guest chair: VeinInnovations' President and CEO, David Martin and Executive Business Coordinator, Carey Sipp joined Dana live in studio to discuss the journey from nurse to CEO and expanding a local business. VeinInnovations was founded by Martin in 2002. He was among the first in the Southeast offering varicose vein sufferers a [...]

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