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NY Times Bestselling author Ben Coes.  Joined us on the phone to talk about his new book, TRAP THE DEVIL. Before writing his first novel, POWER DOWN, he worked at the White House under two presidents and was a Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Joseph Guay was in studio to talk about his controversial new installation, The Border Wall, that is going up in West Midtown.

Dana Barrett & Joseph Guay

Joseph is a self-taught artist whose new series of work titled, “Duel,”which explores the dichotomy of civilian and military weapons, global opposing conflicts and our two-party political system, will open on October 7th at Westside Cultural Arts Center!

His work is included in the Sir Elton John Photography Collection and in the High Museum of Art; as well as the private collections of Arthur Blank, Laura Seydel Turner, Kevin Willis and Ed Roland.

April Foster also joined us in-studio this morning.  She’s the Founder and CEO of Inked.

Founded in 2007, Inked offers an end-to-end ecommerce platform that empowers social media influencers to convert their followers into customers. In building a new revenue model that capitalizes on lucrative influencer-driven consumer purchases, Inked has significantly monetized several of its own portfolio brands, allowing influencers with thousands of followers to generate millions of dollars of revenue.

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