In the guest chair: 


Dean Bird and Dana Barrett

Dean Bird, the Senior Vice President of Small Business Banker Managers at Bank of America joined Dana to talk about Bank of America’s Small Business Owner Report and some of the most interesting findings in the report. Bird also touched on the state of small business’s in Atlanta and how they stack up against the rest of the country. Issues such as work-life balance, long-term stability, and life after small business were discussed at length.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Small business owners think more in the now and immediate future than further down the road”
  • “50% of men have given up time with children where only 26% of women have in small business”
  • “Atlanta small business owners plan on working into their golden years. Plan on retiring after age 65 or until they can’t physically work”
  • “Healthcare costs are a major concern for small business owners as they try to grow and expand their business”
  • “Start-up in Gainesville started with nothing four years ago and today their projections are around $25 million”
  • “$100,000-$5 million in revenue is the meat of our focus at Bank of America when it comes to small business”

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