Regular contributor Denise Neary is back today with a book recommendation for baseball lovers who are lamenting the end of the season and the long wait until spring!

Still Suffering from World Series Fever?

Is there someone in your house aching with love over baseball?  What I don’t know about sports is endless—but I have a book to suggest for those who love baseball.

My husband, who reads and talks about books all of the time, is completely anti-book club.   Little does he know that he and his friends are an informal book club….they just don’t meet on any sort of schedule.

All of the great buzz on THE ART OF FIELDING, and the popularity of the book and movie MONEYBALL, reminds me of another baseball book you might not know.

The book, PROPHET OF THE SANDLOTS: Journeys with a Major League Scout by Mark Winegardner, is a favorite in our house: I suggest you consider it as a holiday gift for a baseball fan in yours.   (It is out of print, but used copies are available.)

From Library Journal:

“Tony Lucadello, likely to be the first scout to be inducted into Cooperstown, related to Winegardner during their trips through the Midwest the tricks of the trade in identifying and signing future major leaguers. Winegardner is reminiscent of David Halberstam in his research and reporting style, as he faithfully chronicles the events and emotions of the Lucadello scouting trips. The behind-the-scenes insight into baseball scouting alone is worthy reading, but the book’s ending is more dramatic than any fictional account. Winegardner’s honest writing style makes his admiration of Lucadello contagious.”

My husband was introduced to the book by a friend; he has given copies to at least ten people, and has lent his copy to another ten or fifteen.  Almost always, the review comes  back, “I am picking up a copy for (fill in the blank…my Dad, my sister, a friend at work.)”

Take it from the rave reviews of this unofficial book club; this is a book baseball fans might have missed, and will love!

— Denise Neary, Regular Contributor