s487694-main-LheroSo – yeah, I’m one of those people who has to tell everyone about the latest product that I love, or that the sweater they are complimenting me on was on sale for $12.99.  I also tend to suffer from occasional bouts of TMI and over-sharing, so bear with me.

I am lazy.  I admit it.  Sometimes so lazy that I don’t take my makeup off at night.  Horrible… I know.  But I’m trying to do better.  Sometimes I use those make-up remover wipes which I keep in my bedside drawer for those occasions when that extra glass of wine is not doing me any favors and I really don’t want to wash my face.

But now, I’ve found the perfect facial cleanser for lazy people.    Soy Face Cleanser by fresh is awesome!  It smells good, feels good, leaves my skin feeling great, and best of all it takes off ALL my makeup including my eye make-up and mascara in one fell swoop.  (And it comes in a handy-dandy travel size).

Side note: I got mine at Sephora (one of my very favorite places!), when I was out of town and had forgotten to bring a facial cleanser.  I was standing there pondering my travel-sized options when another customer walked up and took one of these off the shelf.  I asked her if it was good and she immediately volunteered the “eye make-up easy off” tip.  Sold!   So yeah, in addition to being a TMI over-sharer, I am also one of those people who talks to random strangers in the store.  (Not my fault.  I think it’s a genetic condition).