Better Bread, Better Policy Making and Comics are for Grownups Too!

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Steve Hanley & Dana Barrett

Steve Hanley & Dana Barrett

During the first hour, Steve Hanley, Founder and CEO of KNOW Foods joined Dana in studio. Steve, who brought in some delicious treats to share, explained that KNOW Foods helps health conscious consumers achieve their diet and fitness goals by producing a nutritionally superior grain/gluten-free and great tasting alternative to traditional grain/gluten-based foods.

During hour two, James M. Stone, Author of “5 Easy Theses: Commonsense Solutions to America’s Greatest Economic Challenges,”phoned in to talk policies, not politics.

Paul Jenkins & Dana Barrett

Paul Jenkins & Dana Barrett

Writer, Composer, Creator and Designer, Paul Jenkins also joined Dana in studio. Paul  has been creating, writing and building franchises for over 20 years in the graphic novel, film and video game industries. Over the last two decades Paul has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of literally hundreds of world-renowned, recognizable entertainment icons.  Paul talked all things comics, creativity and the upcoming LEGOLAND Comics Adult Night.

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