It seems like almost all the good movies and TV shows these days originated with books.  That could be a personal bias for sure, but you can’t deny the sheer quantity of projects that went from book to screen even if you question the quality.  Of course on the big screen you have the popular favorites like Harry Potter and the Twilight Series, but then you also have the more reviewer friendly Oscar contenders like True Grit and The King’s Speech.

And on the small screen, it seems like the cable channels are fond of working from books – think Dexter, True Blood and then on the regular networks, there are shows like Bones and Gossip Girl to name a few.

So my question is do you feel like you have read the book first before seeing the movie or watching the show?

For me the answer is complicated.  With movies I prefer to read the book before seeing the movie.  I like seeing how the producers dealt with things I couldn’t picture or didn’t like and I also like knowing all the stuff they couldn’t fit into two hours.  I know many people who read first are often disappointed by the movie versions, but I rarely have that problem.  Somehow I am able to enjoy the movie for what it is. I also find that if I see the movie first I often end up skipping the book.  I guess knowing the end I’m less compelled to put the hours in to do the reading.

With TV shows I have a completely different feeling for some reason.  I don’t mind watching the shows without having ever read the books and I AM actually curious to read the books after to see how they differ.  Maybe it’s because with the TV format they aren’t forced to squeeze things into two hours.  Not sure.

How do you roll?  Book first or movie?

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor

PS – Saw the trailer for Water for Elephants movie the other day.  It looks like it’s going to be amazing.  Glad I already read the book!