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Eric Holtzclaw and Dana Barrett

Eric Holtzclaw, Chief Strategist with Laddering Works joined us today to talk about the growing pains companies having moving out of the start-up phase.

Eric specializes in helping companies move from entrepreneurial run to professionally managed. His company, Laddering Works, creates opportunity by strategically applying emerging technologies, trends, and approaches to successfully scale and streamline businesses. He has had a hand in helping multiple successful start-up companies which includes one of the first profitable internet enterprises.

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Notable Quotes:

  • “The idea guy typically isn’t the right person to keep it running it once it gets to the next level” –Eric Holtzclaw
  • “People don’t leave companies they leave their manager” –Eric Holtzclaw
  • “Customers are buying from you for a reason other then your price or product. If you understand that you can learn how to grow your company” –Eric Holtzclaw
  • “Patience, consistency, and focus are the three most important things to be successful” –Eric Holtzclaw

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