In the guest chair:


With John Fenton and Steve Gordon

John Fenton and Steve Gordon joined us in the studio today to talk about building a business.

John is the master, manager, and brain trainer at Roswell Body & Brain Center. Through JFHealthyLiving and Roswell body & brain he helps individuals recover and maintain their physical, mental, and spiritual health. The mission of body & brain centers around the country is to widely benefit humanity and create a better world through delivery of integrative guidance for healthy, mindful and sustainable living.

Steve is the founder of American Dream Launcher. American Dream Launcher is a combination business accelerator, start-up incubator and creative think-tank focused on helping exceptional entrepreneurs build exceptional companies. Steve helps others who have big dreams of starting their own company, or taking their existing business to the next level, by giving them access to the resources and investment they need to achieve those dreams.

Notable Quotes:

“Our mind and our body are really connected. The impacts on my brain also impact my body.”-John Fenton

“The biggest impact is facing myself everyday and figuring out what I need to accomplish.”-John Fenton

“There are a lot of people who have great ideas but don’t know how to take it to the next step.”-Steve Gordon

“Steve Gordon is like one of the guys on Shark Tank that jerks you around and can be really mean but he’s actually really nice.”-Dana Barrett

“Know your numbers, know your business, know your competition, and know who your customers are.”-Steve Gordon

“My recommendation to entrepreneurs is quit saying you have a game changer.”-Dana Barrett

“There are so many great people in Atlanta that have an opportunity to start a business. I really want to see them succeed.”-Steve Gordon

“August 15th is the pitch day that you need to register for and the 16th is open to everybody.”-Steve Gordon

“You don’t have to be a business person to be an entrepreneur. They act and aren’t afraid of failure.”-Steve Gordon

“If you’re driven just to make money the chances of you being uber successful are slim.”-Dana Barrett

“If you’re going to be successful you have to work at it. It’s hard work.”-Steve Gordon

“What I’m finding a tremendous amount of joy in is helping people take their journey.”-Steve Gordon

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