You know that commercial Best Buy has about buying stuff that is immediately obsolete? (see below)   Well, that was my experience in eReader world this week.  After months and months of careful thought (and indecisive procrastination), I finally decided to buy a Kindle.  I liked the Nook color, but decided the e-Ink would be better for my eyes and I wasn’t impressed by the “lesser” e-Ink Nook.  And then  BAM – literally less than a week after I got my Kindle, both Kobo (Borders) and Nook (B&N) introduce new touch-screen e-Ink readers.  I could slap myself.  Argh.  Maybe the touch screen would be better.  Maybe these new devices have longer battery life or are smaller and lighter.   Sheesh.

I am now going to convince myself that my choice was better.  Here goes:

  1. My Kindle was still cheaper (I bought the $114 model that has the ads on it. – Which, by the way don’t bother me at all – and in fact one of the deals advertised was good enough that I’ll probably take advantage of it – thus saving even more money).
  2. The fact that my eReader is NOT a touch screen means it won’t have scuzzy fingerprints all over it.
  3. My decision is already made – and therefore I no longer have to have this internal debate so I can now free up that part of brain to think about something else.  Like shoes.  Or sushi.
  4. I’ve wracked my brain to come up with a fourth point – and I got nothin’.  Dammit, I hope I made the right decision!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor and Proud(?) Kindle Owner