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With John Duisberg

Co-Founder of Cooleaf, John Duisberg, joined us in the studio today to talk technology and employee engagement.

Based in Atlanta, Cooleaf is a technology company  that offers a web and mobile employee engagement platform for top workplace organizations. Companies use Cooleaf’s technology platform to setup, manage, and track their organization’s employee engagement programs.

John is responsible for overall product strategy and business development. Prior to joining Cooleaf, John spent 8 years in the healthcare technology industry focusing on new product development for EMR systems and 2 years with an e-commerce startup company.

Notable Quotes:

“We’ve tried to build our company and service in an authentic way so employees are interested in being a part of it.”-John Duisberg

“When we first started we were humble enough to listen so that we would be able to adjust and bring value to companies.”-John Duisberg

“One of the most important skills no matter where you work or what position you have is the ability to listen.”-Dana Barrett

“We provide more value when a company has at least 100 employees.”-John Duisberg

“Companies get it. They want to have a flatter organization where people feel like they are connected and have power.”-John Duisberg

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