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With Kit Cummings of Power of Peace Productions

Kit Cummings, the President & Founder of Power of Peace Productions, Inc. joined us in the studio today to talk about how working toward peace both inner and outer can help us at work.

Cummings has been involved in the field of personal development and leadership for over two decades. He has taught in some of the toughest environments in the world including prisons and now brings his dynamic message to corporate and association events and conferences.

Notable Quotes:

“Good leaders ask questions and they help people self-discover.”-Kit Cummings

“You are practicing today how you are going to see the world tomorrow.”-Kit Cummings

“Good leaders learn how to find the good, bring it out, and redirect it.”-Kit Cummings

“You can have all the tools and skills but if you don’t win the mental battle everyday you aren’t going to be successful.”-Kit Cummings

“There is more that brings us together than separates us.”-Kit Cummings

“My hook is… if he can bring peace between rival gangs what can he do with your sales staff?”-Kit Cummings

“To me peace affects everything. It became a journey to find my own and help give it to others.”-Kit Cummings

“There are 2.5 million incarcerated in the land of the free.”-Kit Cummings

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