January 11, 2018 – Guests & Stories

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In the Local Headlines:
  • Gov. Deal to General Assembly: No ‘Amazon-specific’ bills during this legislative session http://bit.ly/2Fp6mTq
  • MARTA may have set record Monday http://bit.ly/2FqaTVO
  • City of South Fulton mayor vetoed the name ‘Renaissance’ in December and when the city council had the chance to override the veto this week, they chose not to… so City of South Fulton remains the official name. http://bit.ly/2FmBYt3
  • Economic impact of college football national title mixed for Atlanta http://bit.ly/2FqSCI2
  • In wake of outage, Hartsfield-Jackson aims to boost backup power http://bit.ly/2FsoAUk
In the National Headlines: