Career Pivot, GSU Radio Controversy, & TGIF

In the guest chairs:

Katie Sanders, Moss Robertson, and Dana Barrett

Katie Sanders, Moss Robertson, and Dana Barrett

Father/Daughter team Moss Robertson and Katie Sanders joined me in-studio to talk about transitioning their family business from the automotive industry to the health and fitness industry.  Their family is known by many Atlantans for their years running the Boomershine car dealers around town.  But when it was time for something new, the two (and their respective spouses) decided to use their business prowess in a more simple business where they can really help improve the lives of their customers.  During the interview they talked about their decision to get out of the car biz and how they end up deciding to get into a franchise situation with The Exercise Coach.

We then shifted gears and talked about the interesting theories behind The Exercise Coach… that you only need to work out twice a week for 20 minutes, if you’re doing it right!  I was a bit skeptical, so they challenged me to try it for three months.  I’ll do it – and get back to you!

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