6/22/2018 – Melania’s Zara Jacket, Casey Cagle Defends Himself, Trump on Filibuster, Alex Guthrie, and Comcast

Fronton, Texas, USA - February 9, 2016: Show Guests: Alex Guthrie, Singer/Songwriter Alex Horwitz, Comcast In the National Headlines: Trump says GOP should 'stop wasting their time on immigration' until after midterms 23andme donating DNA kits to help reunite migrant families Late-Night Hosts Weigh in on Melania Trump's "I Really Don't Care” Jacket ABC's 'Roseanne' Spinoff [...]

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Do Employees REALLY Want To Work From Home?

Do Employees REALLY Want To Work From Home? From PRNewswire Apparently not.  A new survey by Randstad US finds 62% of U.S. employees prefer going to the office. According to the survey, 82% of U.S. workers say the ability to work from anywhere at any time allows them to have better work-life balance.  But despite that answer, [...]

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Survey Says: Employees Want Inclusive Fair Workplace. Employers Aren’t Delivering.

Survey Says: Employees Want Inclusive Fair Workplace. Employers Aren’t Delivering. From PRNewswire: A new study by Randstad US suggests that while employees overwhelmingly prefer a diverse and fair workplace, there employers are just not making that happen. According to the data, a majority of employees (78%) say a workplace where people are treated equally — regardless of [...]

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STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #2: Community One of the quickest ways to kick a bad or unwanted habit? Community. In fact, according to STICK WITH IT author, Dr. Sean Young, within 12 weeks, those who join and participate in a group are 2-3X more likely to change their behavior! In part two of our new series, Dr. Young takes a deeper dive into this [...]

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STICK WITH IT! 8 Week Series with Dr. Sean Young Force #1: Step Ladders   Most of what we do is not habit, but behavior.  So breaking bad habits or even creating new good habits won’t solve all your problems. In part one of our series with Dr. Sean Young, author of STICK WITH IT: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life for Good, we talk about the three different types [...]

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Rules for Leaders, Dana’s 10-20-30 Rule for Life, $1400 iPhones & Wells Fargo Caught Again

Show Guests:  Steve Nudelberg Steve Nudelberg, the Author of CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL SALESMAN joined us by phone to discuss his 27 rules for leaders and influencers.  We talked about everything from personal habits like waking up early and making your bed, to professional rules like learning how to listen, and the concept of “sell or be [...]

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WoW: Patti Callahan Henry, Dr. Greta Anderson, and Sleeveless Dresses for All

Show Guests: Dana Barrett & Patti Callahan Patti Callahan Henry , the New York Times Bestselling Author joined is in studio to talk about her new book: THE BOOKSHOP AT WATER'S END.  She also talked about the changes in the publishing industry. Dr. Greta Anderson, the Founder & Principal Pitchmark Advisory Group, and an LPGA-certified Teaching HER instructor [...]

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Meet the Candidates, G20 Fallout, Happines, and How to Change Behavior

Show Guests:  Ceasar Mitchell Ceasar Mitchell, Atlanta City Council President and Candidate for Mayor, joined us to talk about the role of cities in today's world.  We also talked about the Paris Climate Accord, the property tax assessments that have been in the news, economic development, living wage, and the areas around Turner Field and Phillips Arena. [...]

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Guest Post: Author Brooke Davis on Sudden Loss and Creative Coping

In today's guest post, author Brooke Davis shares the personal tragedy that led to the creation of her debut novel Lost & Found,  and discusses why she wanted to explore what it means to grieve.  The international bestseller has been compared to The Rosie Project and has been called "heartbreaking, funny and brilliant".  If you've got a book club, I'm thinking this one [...]

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In the guest chair:  Maria Runnels, Eric Holtzclaw, Dana Barrett & Margaret Ruthenberg-Marshall Eric Holtzclaw, regular show contributor and Chief Strategist at Laddering Works, Maria Runnels, Strategic Planner and Finance Professional and Margaret Ruthenberg-Marshall, Law Practice Professional joined Dana to discuss tonight's book club topic: ZILCH: THE POWER OF ZERO IN BUSINESS. Laddering Works was founded by Eric to educate [...]

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