Book Review: A LONG TIME GONE by Karen White

Hailing from the deep South, I was pleased to kick off my summer reading with a book like Karen’s. It brought back wonderful memories of my childhood home and longing for a picnic under a large oak tree. Upon entering the world Karen White depicts in her latest novel, A Long Time Gone, you are transformed to the southern [...]

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Fortune & Fame and a Writing Partnership That Just Works!

Thanks to today's special guest contributors, co-authors Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley for today's post on writing as a duo! Whomever said writing is a solo art, never met us. After building successful solo careers, we were presented with the idea of writing a book together by Louise Burke (the publisher at Gallery Books and ReShonda's publisher).  [...]

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Do I have to say “Thanks for the Feedback”?

Nobody really likes performance reviews, do they?  Even when they're good, they're still stressful. (And when was the last time "meets expectations" felt like a compliment?) But we get way more feedback in our lives then just performance reviews.  There's the look on your mother-in-law's face when she sees some dust on the windowsill, the "are you going to [...]

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Interview with NYT Bestselling Author Scott Turow

New York Times Bestselling author Scott Turow's new book IDENTICAL is quite the page turner.  Part family drama, part legal thriller, IDENTICAL is a page turner and will be a great escape for you this holiday season!  I got a chance to chat with Scott last weekend in Atlanta.

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How to be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick

What do you say when someone tells you they have cancer?  Or they’re dying?  Or they had some other family trauma that is generally unthinkable? This is the kind of thing we generally don’t worry about until we’re faced with it – and therein lies the problem.  Someone you love says “Hey there – the most outrageously awful unimaginable [...]

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Interview with TV Host & Author Brad Meltzer

History Channel TV host and author Brad Meltzer breezed through Atlanta yesterday for the Prologue Event of the Book Festival of the MJCCA. He's on tour promoting his new book HISTORY DECODED: THE 10 GREATEST CONSPIRACIES OF ALL TIME. This book is really cool,(I bought 5 copies to give as gifts this year... for real!) But best of all, [...]

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Is it me or do Christmas and Hanukkah seem to come earlier and earlier each year.  The retail stores start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, and the gift items start appearing on store shelves even earlier.  Hanukkah actually starts ON Thanksgiving this year!  Crazy. And yes, the holidays are typically about giving to others, but we have to [...]

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Free Lunch? No. Free Book? Yes!

iTunes is offering a download of  TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE by Solomon Northrup for Free for a limited time.  And it's not just a sample, it's the whole book.  Not sure how long this will last, so get it now!  Go... what are you waiting for?

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Win 23 thrillers by 24 authors!

Just passing along a contest run by an author friend of mine, for those of you who love to win stuff! They're giving away 23 books by 24 authors (one book was co-written) including MJ Rose, Jonathan Maberry, Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julie Kramer, Brad Parks, Jamie Freveletti, Boyd Morrison and a handful of members [...]

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Good Deal on a Great Book!

Alma Katsu is one of my favorite authors, a great writer AND a gracious and lovely person.  If you haven't read her already, you need to.  And a sale is always a good time to start!  If you're into epic historical fantasy (think Interview With the Vampire, Outlander, A Discovery of Witches and The Historian), then you'll love the The Taker Trilogy.  And from [...]

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